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Are Online Gambling Addiction Studies Being Done to Find a Solution?

As more states move towards legalized online gambling, there is a real need to take stock of where we stand regarding online gambling addiction. There have been many studies done on online gambling addiction, and they all seem to come back with the same results: the problem is serious, and online gambling addiction is widespread. However, it seems that the problem isn’t as prevalent on land-based casinos as it is online casinos. Some have suggested that online gambling is even more prone to addiction than with land-based casinos. Online gambling certainly has some unique characteristics that make the prospect of becoming addicted even greater or more likely.

It’s fairly easy to see why online gamblers feel more confident in their ability to “cheat” or manipulate the system than they do at a real casino. When you place your money in an online casino account, there is no tangible money involved. The potential for theft or fraud is non-existent. There is no physical money, no pieces of ID or ticket stubs to steal from you. This alone makes online gambling addiction and the associated problems that much easier to become entangled in.

However, some UK online gambling addiction treatment programs have noted that this lack of physical money interferes with the normal psychological mechanisms that keep problem gamblers in check. After placing your money in an online casino account, the problem gamblers must often rely on their memory, which may be weak and unreliable. Gambling addicts will often have trouble remembering when they last lost a significant amount of money. In addition, compulsive gamblers can oftentimes lose track of their losses over a long period of time. All of this adds up to compulsive gambling and the related problems such as credit card debt, foreclosure, and bankruptcy.

Despite the many dangers that online gambling addiction poses to its users, some UK online gambling addiction treatment centers have sought to use technology to eliminate the problem. Computer software has been created that allows compulsive gamblers to log onto the casino’s website, enter their log into the computer, and participate in the online casino’s games. Once the computer user wins a game, he or she may be asked to transfer funds to his or her online gambling account. These programs are referred to as “gamblers anonymous” software programs.

Compulsive gamblers Anonymous, or the GBN, is just one example of online gambling addiction treatment that is based on the idea that compulsive gamblers need an outside, third party intervention in order to gain a full understanding of the damage that their destructive gambling habits have created in their lives. The mission of the GBN is to provide the online gambling addiction treatment that compulsive gamblers need in order to break their addiction. For the addicts themselves, the GBN seeks to help them work through their personal issues so they can fully understand the damage that gambling has done to their lives and in their lives with their friends. With these people, the GBN provides classes that teach them to take control of their finances so that they no longer become financially dependent upon the games. It also teaches them how to develop skills such as money management and money discipline to prevent the addiction from occurring again.

There have been many studies done on online gambling addiction. Most of these studies have concluded that pathological gambling is an addiction just like any other addiction can be. It is an addiction that leads to repeated casinos not on gamstop acts of breaking the rules and behaviors that have been learned through repeated exposure. However, with the use of gambling research, some ukans have been able to suggest that there might actually be a way for individuals to beat online gambling addiction. If you or someone you know is addicted to online gambling games, it is important to seek professional help to get rid of this problem.

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